Post Festival Survival Kit

by fance

Coachella was everything and more BUT coming back into reality I realize how much festival season takes a toll on ones body. My body ain’t the same as it used it be and needs a little extra love and care. Here are my go to items when my body needs that extra oomph!

COCONUT WATER seriously don’t know what I would do without this stuff. Best cure for hangovers/dehydration. Basically, magic water .coconut-water

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask taking extra care of your skin after exposing it to dirt, sun and harsh extremities from the outdoors is SUPER important. Your skin is just screaming for vitamin restoration, extra cleansing and detoxification. This mask seriously is amazing and fun to peel off your face hehehe Image

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster 

Can’t stress enough how crucial vitamin C is for your face after long hours in the sun. I usually hate putting on serums and oils on my face so I just mix 2-3 drops of this serum in my moisturizer every night which makes it a lot less greasy.


Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector nothing worse than dark, droopy and tired eyes!


Fresh Lip Polish my lips get super dry in the the winter and summer and this stuff is perfect for exfoliating my chapped lips. A little bit goes a LONG way…who wants to kiss chapped and dry lips?! (YUCK!)


Organic Avenue Fresh Pressed Juices I absolutely love love love their juices! The Mellow Green and Cashew Milk are my favorites. These juices are liquid vitamins and essential for any time you need extra energy or feeling sluggish. Image

Bumble and Bumble Deeep Masque I love the summer but I hate how dry my hair gets from the sun and beach spray I put on so hair masques are a MUST for my thick hair. I switch my masques up quite often but my go to’s are this Bumble and Bumble one and the Biolage Ultra Hydrating Balm (both smell great too!!)